Infusionsoft Double Opt-Ins That Convert

I could call this post “Infusionsoft Double Opt-Ins That Don’t Suck!”

Imagine this … You have put together the world’s most valuable lead magnet. You spent money on Facebook advertising to get a new contact to opt-in to your lead magnet. Then, being the good citizen that you are, you sent them a double opt-in request, and …


Frustrating, right?

You could be losing 80% – 90% of your opt-ins at the double opt-in step!

If you care about conversion, I am going to take you on a deep dive into an often overlooked – but costly – piece of our Infusionsoft marketing funnel … the double opt-in request.

You will learn four different ways to tweak a double opt-in request, including:

1) How-to get the stock Infusionsoft snippet to deliver content even if they don’t opt-in
2) How-to send reminders to double opt-in using the stock Infusionsoft snippet
3) How-to build a custom double opt-in process … ..

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How To Use SyncSumo To Automatically Sync Infusionsoft Data With Facebook Custom Audiences

Way back then … who could’ve known?

The year was 2000 … an absolute eternity ago in this Internet age. Think about how the world of small business has changed since then.

How could we have possibly known, way back then, that leads that cost $100 – $200 a piece would cost as little as 20¢, just 15 years later? Or that many small businesses would be too busy working to look up and see the opportunity?

But I am getting ahead of myself. Let me first frame the problem …

Infusionsoft users, in my experience, fall into this trap time and time again:

1. They buy Infusionsoft without realizing it is a powerful tool. Unfortunately, that power takes hours and hours and hours of learning and work to fully  grasp and implement. Many somehow think that because they bought Infusionsoft, their business will somehow magically grow. And when it doesn’t, they are disappointed.

Honestly, I don’t know where the blame lies. I don’t know … ..

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5 Step Process For Moving Low ROI Tasks Off Your Plate

"A successful entrepreneur is one who has more money in his or her bank account at the end of the day than they did at the beginning." ~ Jerry Colonna (Reboot Podcast)

What a nice simple way to think of business. But how do we do it? Simple …


You have two resources: time and money. Of the two, time is more precious. Every single day, when you spend your time and money, you send them out to work, with their little coveralls on, lunchpail in hand. At the end of the day, they should come back with four friends in tow. If they don't, you need to get them different jobs.

ROI is THE most important concept in small business

If you want more money at the end of the day than the beginning, you must look for it everywhere … under every rock and crevice.

Here's an example from my business …

These blog … ..

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Ninja Hack: Before/After Date In Decision Diamond

In a recent post to the IS Beginner Facebook Group, someone asked how to put a contact in a sequence based on when they were signing up. In other words, Joanne wanted the contact to go in one sequence if it was before a certain date and time and a different sequence if it was after that date and time.

The scenario was this: The campaign was registering people for a teleseminar. If they registered before the teleseminar had begun, they got a sequence with a number of emails, including reminders. If they registered shortly before or even after the teleseminar had begun, she wanted them to get a different sequence, which was shorter and left out the reminder emails.

The challenge is this: Decision Diamonds in Campaign Builder do not have rules for before or after a date or time. Since that is where our brain immediately goes we tend not … ..

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How Loops Work In Campaign Builder

If you do something more than three times, automate it.

I had heard this mantra before, in the halls of Infusionsoft. Jordan Hatch wrote a blog post recently called, “How To Get 1920 Minutes Of Your Life Back“, that gave some of the back story.

Jordan says:

The first thing you need to do is think about your day and make a list of the stuff you do more than 3 times – and the approximate number of times you do them per day, and how long it takes you to do it. […]

Now, take your list and do the math. How much time are you spending doing each of those items on the list per week? […]

Now, take your list and do the math. How much time are you spending doing each of those items on the list per week? That’s how you get your 1,920 minutes of … ..

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How To Use Zapier To Make Infusionsoft Awesomer

Zapier is a cheap and easy way for you to make 3rd party apps talk to one another without knowing any code. But unbeknownst to most people, it can also be used to make Infusionsoft do more, without any other third party application. In this video, Kim spills all her best Zapier tricks …

Time Stamped Video Notes:
01:15 – What is Zapier?
02:10 – My Problem Solving Hierarchy
04:30 – Zapier Monthly Fee and Similar Apps
05:30 – How does Zapier Work? Triggers & Actions.
06:32 – What is the “This and That” Formula – “A Simple Phrase”
07:07 – “Lost Kim on the Webinar”
08:17 – Twist on the Phrase – Add a Condition
08:42 – Add a Condition – Example
09:40 – What happens in Zapier in Terms of Campaign Builder
10:57 – Jump into Zapier from Scratch
11:30 – “Explore” in Zapier – Listing of all Apps in Zapier
13:34 – Need Paid Zapier … ..

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